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TitleSupply and Install Systems for Warning Slope Collapse (slope owl 5.0) for Korea Expressway Corporation2019-08-02 13:36:30
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Hello, everybody!

BONSYS produced systems for warning about slope collapses (a.k.a. slope owl 5.0) which form part of the disaster warning systems of Korea Expressway Corporation and supplied them.

We completed installation of those systems on expressways, including the Dangjin-Yeongdeok line.

The system for warning about slope collapses, which is a kind of disaster warning system, is formed with an IoT smart sensor and a repeater and a solar power system is used for power.

LoRa wireless networks are used between smart sensors and repeaters, and repeaters send real-time disaster warning information to servers using CDMA/LTE.

Sensors can detect inclination, acceleration, impulse and vibration from earthquakes.

The company is going to develop systems for predicting collapse through accumulating big data in the future.

Thank you very much.


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