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TitleSign a Contract about BONSYS e-Paper and Paperless Registered Seal Scanners (RealScan-Ds) and Supply Them2019-08-02 13:48:08
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BONSYS supplied 300 registered seal scanners (RealScan-Ds) for e-paper and paperless business which was the next-generation financial network business of Korea Development Bank and completed their installation in November last year.

For this business, the company passed the authentication test (BMT) of the bank at that time and signed a contract through open bidding. The company installed and tested the devices in February of 2019.


Until then, the registered seal scanner market had been monopolized by one other company but the market was reorganized to be occupied by two companies after BONSYS achieved excellent results through supplying products.

Products of BONSYS have remarkable registered seal metabolic functions and can provide various scanner solutions in accordance with the needs of customers with diverse kinds of pad solutions. (acquired the KC certification of various product groups depending on many kinds of pads)


The company doesn’t infringe the patents of other firms as it has achieved superiority and independence through its unique technology and has prepared for a patent necessary for registered seal scanners.


E-paper and paperless business will be expanded to financial institutions across the nation and its marketability is expected to grow.


The company will make endless efforts to develop products.

Thank you very much.


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